Following the departure of the romans from Logres, the few roman nobles left carved out kingdoms of the land. King Constantine was a great and wise king for many years. Though his reach was mostly in the east around Londonium.

Padded armor2 pts.
Leather armor4 pts.
Cuirbouilli Armour7 pts.
Roman Mail9 pts.
Reinforced Mail10 pts.
Segmentata10 pts.
Leather cap1 pts.
Open helmetd2 pts.
Galead3 pts.
Wicker shieldd3 pts.
Wooden shield(round)d6 pts.
Wooden shield(oval)d8 pts.
Scutumd10 pts.

Weapons of the era; Sword, Spear, Mace, Axe, Staff, Bow, Javelin, Dagger, Sling, Gladius.

Gladius: The fabled sword of the roman legionaires. Short and wide. It is effective in close quarters and is very good at stabbing. Not realy prefered by the mounted troops. Usualy made of better steel than local swords of this era.

Sling: A common weapon in ancient times. The roman legions had supporting skirmishing units using this simple but effective weapon. It is usualy made of a leather string tied to a pouch or pad, and can hurl various projectiles at great range. Usualy not a great risk to an armored man. But everyone should remember the story of David and Goliath.
Range: 75 yards, Dmg. 3d6, it can only cause woulds on a critical success, or against unarmored targets.
Notice that it may use projectiles with special properties.

Scutum: The iconic towershield of the imperial roman legions. It provides excelent protection against missile weapons, however it can not be utilized on horseback.

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