Fumbles becomes FATE points

GM intrusion is the main mechanic that the GM uses to inject drama and additional excitement into the game. It’s also a handy tool for resolving issues that affect the PCs but do not involve them. GM intrusion is a way to facilitate what goes on in the world outside the characters.

GM intrusions are the unpredictable and strange twists of fate that affect a person’s life every day.

Roll of 1

Whenever a player rolls a natural 1 on a skill, passion or trait check the GM can make an intrusion.

GM whim

RPG mechanics need consistency so players can make intelligent decisions based on how they understand the world to work. But they’ll never base their decisions on GM intrusions. They don’t know when intrusions will happen or what form they will take.
The GM may at any time introduce an intrusion. They are rare og usualy number one pr. chapter in the story.

GM intrusion

The GM can introduce complications into the game that affect a specific player, but when he does so, he gives that player 1 FATE. The player can refuse the intrusion, but doing so costs her 1 FATE. So by refusing an intrusion, the player does not get the FATE point that the GM is offering, and she loses one that she already has. Obviously, a player can’t refuse an intrusion if she has no XP to spend.

FATE points

Changing results

Players can expend a point of FATE to change a failure to a success, or a success to a critical. This can be any check of skill, trait or passion. It can also be applied to any other check the GM may call for.

Reducing wounds

One or more FATE points can be applied towards reducing a wound by the characters CON. It can only be used this way when the wound is first recived.

Winter phase

Stat increase

In the vinter phase, the player can expend one FATE point to increase or decrease one statistik by one.

Skill, trait, passion

During the vinter phase, a player may use a FATE point to either gain a check on any skill. Additionaly a point may be spent to gain the advantage on a check.


When rolling for survival, a FATE point may be used to gain the advantage.


Any or all remaining FATE points may be exchanged to an equal amount of Livre(£)

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